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Testing Soil Soil pH Clay Soil Sandy Soil Conditioning Soil

  • Goodsoilis the most important ingredients for a healthy, successful garden.
  • What issoilmade of? It’s a mixture of air, water, inorganic material, minerals and decomposed plant and animal material. That sounds disgusting, doesn’t it?
  • You can buy asoilkit at Garden Stores or through Mail Order Catalogues. It will help you determine what your garden is composed of before you decide what to plant.
  • There are 2 basic types of soil: clay and sandy.
  • Mostsoilis a combination of these 2 and is sometimes visible as separate layers.
  • soil can be further classified by its pH level. The 2 extremes are acidic, like lemons or alkaline like a battery.
  • Most dirt falls somewhere between the 2 but you may find it can be improved by adding specific organic nutrients or bulk to it. This is called soil conditioning.

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