Kids’ Valley Garden

How to Plant

Things You’ll Need:

  • your garden plan
  • garden twine
  • a garden trowel or stick
  • a ruler
  • plant seeds

Always walk around the outside of your garden and stay in the unplanted areas you left between the rows.

tools for planting

Gently stretch a piece of garden twine between your row markers to keep the rows straight. Use a garden trowel or a stick to make a shallow trench down the middle of each row. You will find the recommended planting depth for each seed type on the back of its packet. Use the ruler to check you are being accurate.

  • Big seeds planted too near the surface will dry out. *Tiny seeds planted too deep will never come up.
  • Spread your seeds along the trench and cover them withsoilto fill in the trench.
  • Do not pack the dirt down. Just lightly pat it down.
watering tools
  • Use a watering can fitted with a sprinkler head or buy an adjustable nozzle for your garden hose.
  • water thesoilgently so it doesn’t wash away or get too soaked or it will form a hard crust once it dries. This will also prevent your seeds from germinating.
  • If you have claysoil it may become crusty on top which will prevent tiny seeds from coming up. You can give them a helping hand using one of the tiny seed methods.

more planning planting a garden


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